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X-PressScan Preflight Check List

The X-PressScan™ process is a great option for small quantity, simple images that have a quick turnaround time. Your image will be cut out on one of two types of material (textured or glossy) and then heatset onto fabric. Before specifying this process, please fax your image to us and we will help you determine if X-PressScan™ is an option for you.

Once we have determined that your artwork is useable for this process and have received a complete purchase order from you, we will enter the order into our system. At this time a ship date will be assigned to you, which will be approximately 10 business days from the date the order is entered. (If you need your order quicker, we will check our production flow and determine if your date can be met. There will be an additional charge for any order shipped quicker than 10 business days.) Within 1-2 days you will receive a layout via fax. Please proof this layout well, and fax it back to us within 24 hours to keep your assigned ship date. Once you sign the layout and fax it to us your order is in production. We will not begin your order until the layout is approved.

Information on X-PressScan™

  1. Maximum of 30 pieces. If you need more than 30, we should screen print your order.
  2. Artwork should be simple. Consisting of text and/or a logo without a lot of detail (no gradation or dot patterns).
  3. Refer to our X-PressScan™ Swatch Card to choose a material type (textured or glossy) and color. If you do not have a swatch card, see our website, www.displaysforsale.com, to get a general idea of the colors available. Some images can not be rendered in glossy, so fax your image to us so we can help you determine which material is best. We can not match specific PMS numbers, CMYK mixes or swatches.
  4. X-PressScan™ images are restricted to 13" high, due to the width of the material.

Art required for X-PressScan™ printing

Images must be production ready. This means that we do not have to make any changes or additions, this includes even small changes such as, typesetting or putting files together. If changes need to be made the charge will be $75.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. So read the following carefully!

Digital Files:

  1. Supply native (created in) Macromedia FreeHand or Adobe Illustrator files. FreeHand and Illustrator create vector (line) based images as opposed to bitmapped (dot) based images. X-PressScan™ can only use the vector based type of file. We work on a Macintosh platform. Please indicate the version number of FreeHand or Illustrator that you are sending. (Example: Illustrator 8.0) We can accept files from PC's but can not guarantee that they will convert correctly to our platform.
  2. If you do not have FreeHand or Illustrator, save or export your file as an .ai or .eps file and we will determine if we can use it. We do not accept files from the following software programs: QuarkXPress, Photoshop, CorelDraw, or any MicroSoft office program (Word, Excel, Power Point).
  3. Images that have been placed or imported into FreeHand or Illustrator will not work for this printing process
  4. Turn text to outlines.
    -In FreeHand the command is Text > Convert to Paths.
    -In Illustrator the command is Type > Create Outlines.
  5. If the image is to be more than one color, make sure that colors are indicated and able to be separated.

Images that we need to scan:

  1. Realize that your final image is only going to be as good as the original art provided to us. If your artwork has rough edges at the minimum of 6" long, just imagine how bad those edges will look when artwork is enlarged to 42" wide! Even very clean images will lose a little clarity when they are enlarged. It is your responsibility to provide us with the sharpest, cleanest art that you can find.
  2. 600 dpi minimum.
  3. Images need to be at least 6" long. Text needs to be at least 1/2" high.
  4. If image is more than one color, they must be separated and registered.

How to send your artwork

  1. Mail them to us on a 3.5" floppy, CD-Rom or Zip disk.
  2. E-mail them to us at sales@displaysforsale.com
    1. You must include your name, the name of the person to whom you are sending the art (the same person that will receive your P.O.), and the type of file that you are sending. It is imperative that this information is included or your order will be delayed. We receive dozens of files per day so each file must be labeled.
    2. It is a good idea to compress your file before sending it. We have received files that have been damaged as they came to us, and compressing seems to help prevent this. So no matter the size, compress it if you can using "Stuff-It" or "Zip".

We have tried to explain what we need as clearly as possible, but not everyone will understand our lingo, so please don't hesitate to call us!

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